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January 28 2015


if you are planning on or already dating someone with mental illnesses of any kind, be it depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, etc, please

research and know what your partner is going through. don’t expect them to be perfect for you because they most likely can’t. work with them and help them. don’t expect them to just “become healthy” for your sake. 

January 26 2015


hey !! just wanted to let u know that the creator of pokemon satoshi taijiri is autistic !! along with adam young who is the founder of owl city and courtney love who was married to kurt cobain and is now an indie rock star! also the creator of rick and morty and community dan harmon is autistic !!!




white girls out there think theyre so quirky for loving “asian culture” and go lengths and put eastern asians on a pedestal but completely disregard the many other asians living on the planet!! 

can y’all stop this “white girls do this white girls do that” it’s annoying as hell

hm lets see… ………. No

i never see any posts for ocd ppl so


if you forget to do one of your routines, its okay. nothing bad is going to happen. if you have to do a routine to feel safe, its okay and pls dont feel ashamed about it. your tics dont make you weird or scary. all because you arent always organized doesnt mean your ocd is invalid. it will be okay and im so proud of you

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January 22 2015

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i rushed this but yea

January 18 2015


tbh there isn’t really a better time to explore your identity than when you’re a teen and it’s super fun + important??? i really encourage everyone to critically examine their gender, sexuality, and anything else you might use to define yourself and even if you come out of it completely unchanged you’ll know yourself that much better so literally what is the harm

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more here




#stop hating kids who want to learn Japanese becase of anime 2k15

#stop hating kids who want to learn korean because of kpop 2k15

#stop hating anyone who wants to learn another language because of a popular art form in general 2k15

#stop hating anyone who wants to learn another language, whatever reason the person has 2k15

#Nah, I’m going to continue hating kids who want to accesorize the languages of marginalized groups 2k15


Let’s appreciate that leorio was skilled enough to pass the hunters exam, and only took it just so he could pay for medical school in order to help people who can’t afford to go to the doctor.

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tbh poor girls who use 2 dollar eyeliner and their fingers to apply eyeshadow and still look good are 100x more impressive than any beauty blogger who has a blush brush that costs more than someone’s cell phone bill

Why are y’all always trying to find ways to pit women against each other with this foolish middle school shit like it’s some sort of competition bye

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It seems if I don’t draw paris I draw kurapika.. fascinating but not really since he was the first character I liked in hxh :3 (well, until paris took his place as #1 wwww) twitter

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aa helllo I know its late but can I get a promo  I need positive attention and validation 

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Palazzo Medici Riccardi: Courtyard
Via Camillo Cavour, Florence


coould i geet a promo ???  fr noo reaason i am jjst vrry happy rn aand i like promos

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